Offer professional services in the following fields with 27 years of expertise .

Business Consultancy

Help you to start your own business, whether it is resort or homestay.

Website Development

Mark your online presence with professional responsive SEO friendly websites.


Professional photography & videography services for your products and businesses.


Adore your home or office with beautiful garden and professional landscaping.

Trademark & ISO

Protect your business name and product design and implement standardisation.

Project Consulting

Facilitate any project or idea from conception to implementation stage.

Real Estate

Easily find out the best property according to your budget and preferences.

Tours & Travels

Book hotels, resorts, homestays, houseboats and exclusive tour packages.

Frequently Ask Questions

Some simple questions answered.

Why Bonjour?

A professional business consultancy service based in South India. All the assistance to start a new business in any sector.

I have a requirement, how do I contact?

You can email to All your enquiries will be atteneded without any failure even if it is a very small project.

How do I use Bonjour?

We charge a nominal fees for our consultancy services. But lucky you are, if your project is unique and challenging.

Which all Places?

Currently we offer our consultancy service in India, Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia.

My project is already started?

You can use our services even after the project is started. We guide you properly to complete the project within the time and budget.

Is Bonjour free?

Online consultation is entirely free. But when it requires site visit we charge a very nominal fees to cover our travel and stay expenses.

Fun Facts

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